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LurlineBay - Our Suburb

This web site has been created by a group of people who reside in the LURLINE BAY area of Sydney to raise awareness and take action on any issues which are in the best interest of the Lurline Bay community.

Local residents can email us or post comments on our facebook page on any important issues which may be in the interests of Lurline Bay residents. Any issues raised may be published on the Our Issues page of this web site with a view to gauge local reaction and support.

One important issue on the agenda is to receive local community feedback to evaluate the possibility of making LURLINE BAY an OFFICIAL SUBURB of Sydney, which it currently isn't.

Many people are not aware that there is no official suburb of Lurline Bay.
Real Estate agents have for years “pushed the boundaries” to the extreme by advertising properties they have for sale as being in Lurline Bay, for obvious reasons.

Exactly which properties are perceived as being in Lurline Bay is sure to create some interesting discussions. Email us your thoughts on this issue via the Have Your Say page or via our facebook page.

This site is also as a quick reference to Local Businesses which are an integral part of our local community. Please support our hardworking local business people when possible.

There is also a quick reference to the Government Representatives who represent us at the Local, State and Federal levels.

The Our History page on this web site is a way of keeping people informed on some local history, like how Lurline Bay may have got its name and how our streets got their names.

There is also an interesting article on how that Channel carved into the rocks of Lurline Bay got there.

Please feel free to send us any old photos, articles or information which can be included.
Be sure to visit the Our History page.