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Lurline Bay was formally known as the Lilly Pilli Bay.
One theory is that the Bay was named after a tug in a similar manner as was Undine Street.
Another theory is that the Bay was named after a famous opera titled Lurline which premiered in 1860 at the Convent Garden in London. The opera Lurline was composed by Irish composer William Vincent Wallace (1812 - 1865).
Lurline Bay is located about 3 km North from Boona Point (near Mahon Pool) and about 2 km South of Coogee Bay and was designated officially as a 'BAY' by the Land & Property Management Authority of NSW in 1977.
Lurline Bay is located in the Local Government Area of Randwick, the Parish of Botany and the County of Cumberland.

Exactly which streets are located in the area of Lurline Bay has always been a topic of conversation by local residents and Real Estate Agents.
Real Estate Agents who list properties for sale in the vicinity of Lurline Bay are always pushing the boundaries as they try to capitalize on the name of our 'non-existent' suburb during their housing marketing campaigns.

 CLICK HERE for an alphabetical list of streets which may be considered by locals as part of the 'suburb' of Lurline Bay. Also listed is a brief history of the street names.

Lurline Bay- THE CHANNEL

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